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    Imagine this.

    It's the year 2030 and a political party has just been elected in your country.

    You voted for it.  You really wanted it to get into power and it did.  

    It was called the 203o party.  It has an optimistic yellow sunshine logo.    

    Nine years earlier in 2021,  you never believed you'd enthusiastically be supporting a political party to win power.

    In 2021, the political parties do not champion the policies you really care about.  And they are too frequently corrupt and uninspiring.

    What changed?

    A new political party emerged globally.

    It grew out of YouTube and TikTok.

    You watched its journey over 9 years.  

    You watched the YouTube video on "Bitcoin in 2030" way back in 2021.  You agreed with its call for Bitcoin to be accepted as a legal tender currency in your country.  But you never believed it would happen.

    You also agreed with "Legalise Psychedelic Medicines everywhere by 2030" and "Legalise Cannabis everywhere by 2030" but didn't believe it would happen.

    And  "Air Taxis in 2030", "Robotaxis in 2o3o" and "No more gas guzzlers in 2030" all got you excited.

    And, now, in 2030, the 2030 party has won power and the policies are being implemented.  

    And it's won power in countries around the world.  

    All the people like you around the world who grew up on YouTube, Netflix, Twitter have found each other.