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    In the air

    I keep thinking about Air Taxis.

    They're going to be a massive hit by 2030.

    Whenever something is ten times better than what has gone before, it goes massive.

    Skype was ten times better for free international phone calls so it flew off the shelves when invented.

    Tinder is ten times better than standing in a bar.  For a lot of people.

    Uber is ten times better than the old way of getting a taxi.

    Air Taxis are too.  

    They cut your journey time in half.  At least.

    They take you straight from A to B.  In the sky.  Not on a congested, twisty, slow road.

    This is A to B across a city.  Or between cities.  Or to a remote location from a train station vertiport.

    And it's relatively cheap.  The cost of an UberXL.

    What's not to LOVE about that?

    If you're not convinced, check out the websites of air taxi eVTOL startups now worth billions (Electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing) to see how by 2024 they all have planes coming off the production line approved and flying: Archer, Joby, Lilium, Volocopter.

    And f you really want to blow your mind, there's eHang.  Coming to a Chinese city and many others soon.

    What will all this mean for property prices in certain areas?  Rural hotels will see a boom because easier to get to?  People with land near train stations for vertiports will profit?

    Someone should set up an air taxi property investment fund in advance of all of this.