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    Polygenic Scoring

    This might freak you out.

    A DNA test is available today that can assess whether you have a likelihood of high intelligence or not.

    A DNA test available today can also predict your personality; for example, your degree of openness or conscientiousness.

    Don't believe me?  I did it this weekend on my own DNA.  It's real and available now.  You don't have to wait until 2030.

    According to Genomelink, my DNA predicts that I have a "stronger tendency for having high intelligence".

    And they say this result is "highly reliable".

    It's reliable, they say, because the DNA research the result is based on uses a large sample, has strong statistical significance and has been replicated in other studies.  Pasted in below is an example of the research they cite on the page that gives me my results.

    Polygenic Scoring only burst on the scene in the last 5 years.

    All I had to do to get my result was click a button to port my $129 DNA profile from a test a couple of years ago with 23andme into  

    Genomelink then matched my DNA at a very fine level (known as polygenic differences) with the cutting edge of polygenic research results including on intelligence.

    Many reports are available in addition to intelligence.

    On personality, the results are marked as "suggestive" rather than "highly reliable" but it presents a fascinating picture as you'll see a small extract of on me below.

    This prompts lots of possibilities and lots of questions.

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