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    How much wasted talent is there in the world?

    If you think about yourself, are your talents wasted?

    Are you in the wrong job with the wrong company operating at 60% or less of your full capacity?

    Expand your own answer to the whole world and you end up concluding there is a LOT of wasted talent in the world.  Imagine all the people with far less opportunity than you.

    Why is this?

    People are terrible at knowing themselves.   Most can't describe even to themselves what they'd be good at.

    And it's almost impossible to know what companies you'll be a good fit for.

    This is a data problem.

    By 2030, collecting data as people go about their daily lives of their conversations, who they are with and where they are happy is going to be much easier.

    This will be using Augmented Reality glasses from Apple.  Body sensors devices from Levels .  Smartwatches from Samsung.

    Pour this data into a huge AI pot and you start being able to see who succeeds where and why.

    Humans are hugely complicated beasts but it's worth cracking this wasted talent challenge.

    Imagine a world where all that talent - including yours - isn't wasted.  Wow.

    It's interesting to muse how Elon Musk would go about solving this planetary level problem.