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    Change your life

    A course that's affordable

    Give yourself superpowers in your career thinking


    Think one step ahead

    Use predictions about life in 2030 to see what's growing fast and what you would love to be involved in.

    Really know what's out there

    Make better decisions by understanding where to look, who to talk to and learning from others

    Be smarter with your time

    Make best use of the precious time that you have for thinking about your next move by following a process that works

    This career course is for you if ...

    You want to think things through

    • You want to get a new job
    • You know there's something better out there
    • You're frustrated where you are currently

    You're excited about the future

    • What high growth companies can you join?
    • Should you do a startup?
    • Should you live in another country?

    You want to keep up with all the change

    • There's fast growing companies you've never heard of
    • So much innovation you can't possibly keep on top of it all
    • You've got friends who have joined startups that have grown super quickly

    Get under the skin of who you are

    • What are you really good at?
    • What motivates you?
    • What gives you purpose?

    Understand why some roles are not a good fit

    • Analyse why roles are a good fit
    • Understand why roles are a bad fit
    • Shortlist roles good for you

    Find a great fitting job

    • Present yourself well in your CV, online and in email
    • How to use jobs sites, recruiters and job ads
    • How to network effectively

    You want to make a smart move

    The My Life in 2030 course solves it for you

    It takes you through the steps to get clear where the world is heading, see where the opportunities are, make the right move


    What's in the course

    Module 1: How to think about My Life in 2030

    • Think ahead
    • Think in terms of career paths
    • Equip yourself with the know-how

    Module 2: Where am I now?

    • What's your current and past work situation?
    • What are your hopes and aspirations?
    • What are your strengths, skills and interests?

    Module 3: Where will the world be in 2030?

    • Understand the big picture themes driving change
    • Use predictions to get yourself clear about how everyday life will be in 2030
    • Identify growth areas that interest you

    Module 4: The paths people take over 10 years

    • Get clear that 9 years is a long time with many career moves likely
    • Listen to entrepreneurs, investors, managers describe the winding paths they have taken
    • Choose a couple of paths that might be for you

    Module 5: Dig deep on options

    • High Growth Companies
    • Startups
    • Corporate
    • Consulting

    Module 6: Where to live? Where to work?

    • Is remote working for you? How to be a digital nomad?
    • Should you move overseas?
    • Working productively

    Module 7: How to be financially savvy?

    • How much do different jobs pay and what does salary progression look like
    • How much can you make from stock options
    • Get up to speed on self-investing(Robinhood)

    Module 8: Make your move

    • Choose your path
    • Apply: recruiters, resume, jobs boards, interviews
    • Negotiate
    • Community
    • Support
    • Assignments
    • Working Session
    • Mentor Groups
    • Guest Speakers

    "This has changed my life. I'm now totally clear about what I'm doing next"

    Anna Constantine

    Why My Life in 2030 is different

    2030 makes you look far enough ahead to dream

    Look at what's coming, and focus on what excites you

    2030 is close enough to make smart moves now

    Don't leave things to chance. Get a plan. Make it happen.

    Our predictions anchor your imagination

    Use our YouTube predictions to bring alive specific examples of your life in 2030

    Think in career paths

    Think properly about paths you can take between now and 2030. Learn from others.

    It's not just process. There's content too

    As well as following a process, you get specific advice on where to look and who to speak to

    Doesn't stop when you finish the program

    Attend the weekly prediction meetups and use the forum

    "For the first time I know what's out there and am one step ahead"

    Anil Mazumdar

    When is the course?

    Plans & Pricing


    • 8 Modules
    • 12 Live sessions
    • 4 workshops
    • Student only online forum
    • Guest speakers
    • Lifetime access to session recordings
    • LIfetime access to our private online discussion forum & community
    • Weekly small group calls
    • $150


    • All that's in Essential +
    • Exclusive Guest speakers
    • Advanced Tutorials
    • Future updates to
      course content
    • $300


    • All that's in essential+
    • All that's in Premium
    • Free lifetime access
      to all future live course
      cohorts as a premium member
    • Twice weekly Exec-only
      group coaching with Simon
    • $600

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Money-Back Promise

    We want the investment in this course to really work out for you. So, if you attend the sessions, complete the assignments, and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email and we'll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of the start of the course.


    If you think you'd be a great fit for the course, but money's an issue right now, please apply for one of our Scholarships. You need to be over 18 to apply. Applications will be accepted until Friday October 8th 2021.